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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Word count madness

So, today I started to keep track of how many words I'm writing, which is probably stupid because when I get around to typing it up, the thing will count it for me, but I'd like to at least get an idea of my progress. I'm hand-writing everything right now, which is slow-going, but I feel like the whole thing is more real if I have something I can touch and feel to prove that I've done it. Plus, I can work on it no matter where I am, and I don't have to worry about being near my computer to do it.

Anyway, I only worked on it for about a half hour today, and in that half hour, I got about 300 words down, which isn't too shabby, I guess, considering I'm writing it all out. I'm not sure how long a chapter should be, or how long the whole thing should be, but I'm not too concerned with that. I'm more worried about getting the chapters to flow right, and right now, I've just got a bunch of little things all spaced out with nothing tying together. At least not really. I need to get things organized somehow.

I have also been toying with this idea of setting this thing a little in the future so I can play with certain elements of the location. It takes place in Louisville, but to make it my own, I've altered the terrain a little in the form of a big ol' flood wall around the city. I need to find a good map of Lville and map out where it all lies just to give myself a better idea of it, if nothing else. It makes the location my own and also gives me a place for all this insanity to play out. The idea of a vampire/fairy war spilling out onto the streets doesn't make much sense to me. But if there was a place within the city where nobody would really notice that sort of thing going on, it just works better. More as that develops.

Anyway, yes. Mildly productive day. Yay me!

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Jenny said...

Hey, nice going! I average about 500 words an hour, so 300 in half an hour is a good pace. My friends who write longhand (I can't do it, myself) figure out about how many words they get on a page, and then just count their pages to keep a rough estimate until they type it in.

Average single-title adult novels (meaning, not category romance a la Harlequin or YA books) have total word counts of 80,000-100,000 words. Publishing has a "standard" of 250 words per page, so those totals are equivalent to between 320 and 400 pages. Roughly.

I like the flood wall idea.