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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Word about Word Counting

I went ahead and stole the word count meter from Jenny, but I should say that 100,000 is not my goal. I have no idea how long of a book that would be. It just sounded like a nice round number to shoot for. And the count that is displayed is not the actual word count. It's just the amount I've got since I started counting. When I get this stupid flash drive figured out, I'll start typing all the stuff I haven't counted yet and update it. But for now, for the last four days, that is what I've got. Not too bad. Or at least I don't think so.

Broke 1,000 words today. HUZZAH. I was very excited about that. And now I have officially finished an entire chapter. Plot-heavy chapter, but YAY WHOLE CHAPTER DONE WITH NO BREAKS! Go me!

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