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Monday, September 10, 2007


Today I worked on teh_book for roughly an hour at work, and BWUAHAHA, I came up with 978 words. w00t! I am very proud of that number, and I'm proud of the fact that the last 1500 words have been all in one continuous chapter. It's sort of a chapter that has no place just yet, but still. OMG! Go me!

All of this word counting is making me crazy to start typing up all the snippets and stuff I have to see just how many words I've written since I started this madness in the wee early morning hours of July 14th. I need to buy a compact flash drive, however, before I start that madness. I refuse to leave this just lying around for any randomite to just read.

Anyway, productive day. Huzzah and w00t again!

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